Billie Eilish is releasing her sophomore album “Happier Than Ever” on July 30. 

On Monday, the artist responded to online critics that said she’s in her “flop era.”

Billie Eilish hits back at TikTok users’ who claim that her career was faltering ahead of the July 30 release of her second album “Happier Than Ever.”

In a video she posted on the platform Monday, the 19-year-old Grammy winner appeared to mock users on the app who have made videos dissing her new song “NDA,” which was released on Friday.

Billie Eilish

Eilish can be seen rolling her eyes while listening to the new track in the video. Accompanying the clip is a comment that reads: “is it just me or is Billie in her flop era like why does she suck now.”

Billie Eilish is feeling pretty confident that fans are going to love her upcoming Happier Than Ever album. How confident? After she spotted some posts that appeared to throw shade on the collection due out on July 30, Eilish took to TikTok Monday (July 12) to dunk on haters in the most Billie way possible.

In a close-up shot, she looks gleeful as her song “NDA” plays in the background as the words “is it just me or is Billie in her flop era like why does she suck now” float above her head, and the Grammy-winning singer seems bemused by suggestions that her second full-length might be a disappointment.


Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, born December 18, 2001) is an American singer and songwriter. 

She first gained attention in 2015 with her debut song “Ocean Eyes”, which was subsequently released by the Interscope subsidiary Darkroom. 

The song was written and produced by her brother Finneas O’Connell, with whom she collaborates on music and live shows. 

Her debut EP, Don’t Smile at Me (2017), became a hit, reaching the top 15 in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Eilish’s debut studio album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (2019), debuted atop the US Billboard 200, reached number one in the UK, and became one of the best-selling albums of 2019. 

The album’s fifth single “Bad Guy” became her first number-one song on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2020, she performed the theme song “No Time to Die” for the James Bond film of the same name, which topped the UK singles chart. 

Her later singles “Everything I Wanted”, “My Future”, “Therefore I Am”, and “Your Power” peaked within the top 10 in the US and UK.

Billie Eilish

Eilish has received several accolades, including seven Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, two Guinness World Records, three MTV Video Music Awards, and two Brit Awards. 

She is the youngest person and the second in history to win the four main Grammy categories in the same year: Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. 

In 2019, Time magazine placed her on their inaugural Time 100 Next list.

According to the RIAA, Eilish is the 26th-highest-certified artist of the digital singles era, and one of the most successful artists of the 2010s decade, according to Billboard.


O’Connell with her mother, Maggie Baird

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell was born in Los Angeles, California on December 18, 2001.

 She is the daughter of actress and former theater troupe teacher Maggie Baird, and actor Patrick O’Connell, both of whom are also musicians, and work on O’Connell’s tours.

O’Connell is of Irish and Scottish descent. She was conceived via in vitro fertilization.

Her middle name, Eilish, was originally meant to be her first name, while Pirate was to be her middle name.

 She was brought up in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

O’Connell and Finneas were homeschooled, a decision their parents made to spend time with them and give them the freedom to pursue their interests.

Baird taught O’Connell and Finneas the basics of songwriting.

Billie Eilish

O’Connell said her brother and mother inspired her to get into music.

Their parents encouraged the siblings to express themselves and explore whatever they wanted, including art, dancing, and acting.

O’Connell also performed at talent shows and joined the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus at age eight. She wrote her first “real” song at age 11 for her mother’s songwriting class. 

The song is about the zombie apocalypse, inspired by the television series The Walking Dead from which she took script lines and episode titles that she added to the song as part of the assignment.

O’Connell had gone on some acting auditions, which she disliked; however, she enjoyed recording background dialogue for crowd scenes and worked on the films Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ramona and Beezus, and the X-Men series.


  1. She is the youngest person to win all four top awards at the Grammys in one year.
  1. She has her own documentary.
  1. She’s naturally blonde.
  1. Her favorite movie hasn’t changed in years.
  1. She released her debut album in March 2019.
  1. Billie’s been writing music since she was 11.
  1. Billie originally recorded the song “Ocean Eyes” for the dance company she used to be a part of.
  1.  Billie’s brother, Finneas, helps her make her music.
  1. Billie’s known for her streetwear-like style.
  1. Billie’s been open about having Tourette Syndrome.


“Ocean Eyes”

Originally written for Finneas’ band, “Ocean Eyes” sprung to life when infused with a 13-year-old Eilish’s ethereal vocals and became a viral sensation upon being uploaded to SoundCloud in November 2015. 

A second SoundCloud offering, “Six Feet Under,” was followed by her summer 2016 signing with Darkroom Records, which re-released both tracks as singles later in the year.

‘Don’t Smile at Me’

Eilish’s popularity surged with the steady unveiling of singles from her August 2017 EP, Don’t Smile at Me, with tracks like “Bellyache,” “Copycat” and “My Boy” showcasing her willingness to explore dark and prickly terrain amid a stream of shifting but danceable electronic beats. 

Don’t Smile at Me peaked at an impressive No. 14 on the Billboard 200 in January 2019, around which time Eilish became the youngest artist to top 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Billie Eilish

‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ and “Bad Guy”

The March 2019 arrival of Eilish’s full-length album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? came with the simultaneous release of “Bad Guy,” the song that became the first megahit of her career.

 Still, the chart-topping album retained the early hallmarks of her unique style, from the whispered ruminations on drug use in “Xanny” to the jarring imagery of “Bury a Friend.” 

Eilish also displayed her theatrical sensibilities in the riveting videos for those and other tracks; “When the Party’s Over” shows the artist singing through the black liquid pouring from her eyes, while “You Should See Me in a Crown” features a spider crawling from her mouth.

James Bond Soundtrack: “No Time to Die”

In January 2020, it was announced that the 18-year-old Eilish had become the youngest artist to write and record the title track for a James Bond movie. 

The ominous ballad “No Time to Die” landed the following month, before the film of the same name was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and became her first single to reach the top spot in the U.K.

Eilish has also contributed to the soundtracks of other projects; “Bored” and “Lovely” appeared on the controversial Netflix teen series 13 Reasons Why, and “When I Was Older” was among the musical selections that accompanied Alfonso Cuarón’s 2018 drama Roma.


Eilish began earning her first major accolades in 2019 when she claimed wins at the MTV Video Awards and American Music Awards and was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year. 

But her big moment came at the January 2020 Grammys, when she became the first woman and the second artist overall to sweep the “big four” categories of Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist, adding Best Pop Vocal Album for good measure.

Billie Eilish's awards

Eilish won two awards at the 2021 Grammy awards, including Record of the Year for “Everything I Wanted.”


Eilish became known for wearing oversized clothing, a style born from discomfort with her body that bolstered her appeal as the antithesis of the polished pop starlet. 

She met the demand for her signature apparel with the early 2018 launch of her online shop, Blohsh, and established her own niche in the fashion world by signing with Next Models later that year.


  1. I’ve always done whatever I want and always been exactly who I am. …
  1. I hate smiling. …
  1. In the public eye, girls and women with strong perspectives are hated. …
  1. There are alway going to be bad things. …
  1. I’m gonna make what I want to make, and other people are gonna like what they’re gonna like.
  1. “Nothing really scares me, to be honest.” — Billie Eilish
  1.  “Sometimes it’s flattering when people copy you, but sometimes it gets to a breaking point.” — Billie Eilish
  1.  “When I write, I try to become different characters.“ — Billie Eilish
  1. “You’re italic, I’m in bold.” — Billie Eilish
  1.  “I don’t belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name.” —Billie Eilish


The song ‘Ocean Eyes’ was recorded in October 2015. It was initially meant for Billie’s dance classes. She handed over the song to her dance teacher and meant it to be featured in her next dance routine. The song turned out to be good, and the siblings decided that it must be up on the music-sharing platform ‘SoundCloud.’

The song was uploaded on ‘SoundCloud’ in early 2016, and by March, the music video was released. The song shot up and registered more than 10 million hits within a short period of time. This success was unexpected and made way for many more versions. In November 2016, a music video with Billie dancing on the song was released. It turned out to be another success.

Several major record labels came ahead to buy the rights for the song. The song was released worldwide by ‘Darkroom’ and’ Interscope Records.’ It immediately became a critical and commercial success. Toward the end of the year, Billie released another single, ‘Six Feet Under.’


Inspired by the success of her debut single, ‘Ocean Eyes,’ Billie recorded four remixes of the song and compiled them all in an EP titled ‘Ocean Eyes.’ All the remixes became big hits and gave Billie enough courage to carry on with her future projects.

In February 2017, Billie released the single, ‘Bellyache,’ which was produced and co-written by her brother. The music video for the song, directed by Miles and AJ, was released in March 2017.

Billie then recorded a song titled ‘Bored,’ which was included in the official soundtrack of the famous ‘Netflix’ series ’13 Reasons Why.’ Two more singles, ‘Watch’ and ‘Copycat,’ were subsequently released. In July 2017, Billie announced her highly awaited debut EP, ‘Don’t Smile at Me.’

Before the official release of the EP, she released two singles from the same, ‘My Boy’ and ‘I don’t wanna be you anymore.’ Leading up to the release of the EP, she added new songs every Friday. The EP was eventually released on August 12, 2017.

The same year, she collaborated with Vince Staples and released a remix of her song ‘Watch,’ which was renamed ‘&Burn.’ In order to promote herself more, she embarked on a tour in January 2018. The tour ended in August 2018.

She also collaborated with famous American singer Khalid and worked with him on a single titled ‘Lovely,’ which was released in mid-2018. The song became immensely popular and made the producers of ‘13 Reasons Why’ buy its rights and feature it in the second season of the series.


In 2018, she released the singles ‘Bitches Broken Hearts,’ and ‘You Should See Me in a Crown.’ There have been speculations about her debut album, which is supposed to be released sometime in 2018. Her brother has also confirmed the release of her debut studio album in the current year.


Billie Eilish has reacted to a person who said she’s currently in her “flop era”, by reposting their comment and shooting a clip of herself trying not to laugh at the observation.

The singer, whose new album ‘Happier Than Ever‘ arrives on July 30, posted on TikTok to say such comments are “literally all I see on this app”. She responded to the “flop” comment in particular with: “eat my dust my tits are bigger than yours”.

Eilish’s reaction comes amid promotion for her second record which she has described as being “much better” than her 2019 debut, ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?‘

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